Skill and Vocational Education (SAVE) Day

Philosophy and Origins

The Skill and Vocational Education (SAVE) Day is observed and celebrated every year. The main programme has been arranged organised by the National Institute of Cleanliness Education and Research (NICER) in association with the National Community College for Skill Development at New Delhi on 12 March 2017 from 9 am to 1 pm in the Auditorium of India International Centre, 40 Lodi Estate, New Delhi with the theme "Skilling for Swachchh Bharat (Cleaner India").

Addressing the Members of the Press including the print and the electronic media, the Director and Convenor of the National Institute of Cleanliness Education and Research (NICER), Dr. Utkarsh Sharma said that the main aim is to vocationalise the existing careers in the areas of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation through the preparation of a competent cadre of young professionals in these areas by providing different types of entrepreneurial skills with a special reference to cleanliness, hygiene, toilet maintenance, garbage management, sewage disposal, mitigation of water and sanitation born diseases, solid and liquid wastes management. Discussing about the constitution of G-51 (Group of 51 Universities for promoting Cleanliness, Hygiene and Sanitation Education (CHASE) in India, he further added that all the members of the G-51 will soon be designing the curriculum besides implementing cleanliness centric activities under the catchment areas of the respective universities in all the States as well as the Union Territories of India.

Explaining the urgent need for enabling the slogan "Catch Them Young" to further gather momentum, he assured that this slogan as propounded by the World Renowned Institution Builder and Environmentalist Dr. Priya Ranjan Trivedi will reach the grassroot level in all the villages, towns and cities of India for ensuring the cleaning and greening of India's mother earth.

He concluded with the announcement that only 35 Schools of the National Capital Region has been selected for receiving the Awards out of the existing inventory of more than 3500 Schools in Delhi and the neighbouring towns and cities..

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